KSM Project: Tailings Management Facility Video

The KSM Project Tailing Management Facility (TMF) has been engineered to exceed the highest industry standards. It has been designed using ‘Best Available Tailings Technology’ (BATT) which focuses on both physical and geochemical stability and ensures the environment is protected. The TMF has been reviewed by an external Review Board and approved by the British Columbia and Canadian governments during the Environmental Assessment process.

Check out this interesting video to learn more about KSM Project’s Tailings Management Facility, how it works, why it will be safe and stable and what will happen to it after mine life.

Click here to watch the video

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New Student Bursary Program

The 2018 Seabridge Gold –KSM Project Winter Bursary Application

Seabridge Gold owns the KSM Project, a proposed gold, copper, silver and molybdenum mine, located 65 north of Stewart, BC. The KSM Project will employ approximately 1,800 people during its 5-year construction and approximately 1,040 jobs during its 52-year mine life. While construction has not yet started on the KSM Project, Seabridge Gold supports building a strong workforce in northwest BC and finds value in supporting local residents to further education and training. As a result, Seabridge Gold is implementing a 2018 bursary program to support students from northwest British Columbia (BC) access education and training.

If you are a resident of northwest BC (defined as west of Burns Lake north to the Yukon border), currently enrolled in studies, complete the following application with an opportunity to receive up to $4,000. Applications will be reviewed and scored, based on the completion of the six sections and submission of the required documents. This is the winter round for the bursary program and is open to students currently enrolled in studies for the winter semester (January – April 2018) and will be announced on March 15, 2018.

Submission Deadline:   March 1, 2018    Results Announced:   March 15, 2018

* Applications, essay and additional attachments will only be accepted via scan and e-mail submitted to ksm_community@seabridgegold.net by March 1, 2018.

* For enquiries and additional questions contact Seabridge Gold at (250) 847-4704, ksm_community@seabridgegold.net

Bursary Application Form

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Potential Reasons Behind Tailings Management Facility (TMF) Failures

Across the globe, there is much speculation about the potential of Tailings Management Facility (TMF) failures.  This paper provides an overview of the various reasons for failure.

Regarding KSM’s TMF, we regularly hear concerns about its size. Interestingly, this paper concludes that Tailings Dam size, whether volume or height, is not a significant factor in failures.  Click here to read the paper.

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Seabridge Gold Team Wins Industry Award for Sustainable Development Work at KSM

On December 7,  Seabridge Gold’s Environmental Team won the 2017 Robert R. Hedley Award presented annually by the Association for Mineral Exploration in BC to a member company for significant contributions or advances in environmental management and/or social responsibility.

The award specifically recognizes the contributions of Seabridge’s Brent Murphy, Vice President of Environmental Affairs, and Elizabeth Miller, Manager of Environmental Affairs, who are leading the Company’s sustainable development program for the KSM Project.

Read the Seabridge release

Read the AME release

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Canadian agency dismisses complaints about Seabridge Gold’s KSM permitting process

On November 20, Canada’s National Contact Point (“NCP”) published a report regarding Seabridge’s KSM Project, concluding that a complaint it received regarding aspects of its environmental assessment review process did not merit further examination and its file has now been closed after only the initial assessment level of review.

To read our news release, click here.

To read the final NCP report, click here.

To read the original complaint filed with NCP, click here.

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Seabridge corrects inaccurate statements regarding the KSM Project within DeSmog’s sponsored articles

On October 30, Seabridge Gold’s Brent Murphy, wrote a letter to DeSmog Blog to correct inaccurate statements about the KSM Project published within the article, “In Photos, the Canadian Mining Boom You’ve Never Seen Before”, written by Garth Lentz.

Read our letter here.

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Seabridge corrects factual errors pertaining to the KSM Project in the fall issue of SEACC’s RAVENCALL magazine

On October 27, Seabridge Gold’s Brent Murphy corrected factual errors about the KSM Project in Southeast Alaska Conservation Council’s (SEACC) 2017 fall issue of the RAVENCALL magazine.

Read our letter here.

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Seabridge responds to erroneous statements regarding the KSM Project made by MiningWatch Canada

On September 4, Brent Murphy corrected the record and provided additional technical information to MiningWatch Canada, in response to inaccurate statements regarding the KSM Project, which the group made in a letter addressed to Seabridge Gold.

Read our letter here.

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Seabridge Gold Annual Newsletter

At Seabridge Gold, we believe in sharing regular updates about the company and its Projects with the communities. To know about our latest news, future plans and our achievements of the past year, read our 2017 annual newsletter here.

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Comparison of Mining Legislation and Guidelines in British Columbia, Alaska and Montana

In 2016, the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines commissioned international engineering, geoscience and environmental consulting firm Klohn Crippen Berger to complete a third-party comparison of mining legislation and guidelines in British Columbia, Montana and Alaska. The comparison found B.C.’s requirements for mining to be equal to or more stringent than those in Montana or Alaska. Results can be found here.

Further information about the Code Review can be found here.

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