All B.C. communities are mining communities

At the annual Union of B.C. Municipalities Convention (UBCM), the Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC) released information confirming that communities throughout British Columbia benefit from a strong and vibrant mining sector.

MABC and the Mining Suppliers Association of BC (MSABC) partnered to collect data on the economic benefits to Indigenous and local economies from 13 major metal and coal mine operations in British Columbia. The data shows that more than 125 municipalities and Indigenous communities have more than 3,000 businesses that support all aspects of B.C.’s mining operations.

Quick facts from the data collected –

  • There are approximately 3,000 B.C. suppliers providing $1.35B worth of materials, goods and services to 6 of B.C.’s metal mines and 7 coal operations.
  • The municipalities that make up the lower mainland, from Abbotsford to West Vancouver, cumulatively have approximately 1,200 companies that benefited from more than $460 million in spending.
  • The municipality with most number of vendors active in B.C.’s mine supply chain was Kamloops with approximately 390 suppliers benefiting from nearly $219 million in spending.
  • The City of Vancouver had the second most number of suppliers accessed with approximately 370 companies benefiting from $142 million in spending.
  • Results are based on procurement data collected by iTotem – – on behalf of MABC and MSABC from 6 metal mines and 7 coal operations between May-August 2018. The data set covers 2017 cumulative procurement spend as self-reported by participating mining operations.
  • Eligible costs are expenditures on goods, materials and services from suppliers in B.C.

Check out this interesting Infographic to understand how much local community throughout B.C is benefiting from B.C. mining operations.


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KSM Project’s Adopted Selenium Removal Technology Receives US Patent

As part of the BC Environmental Assessment process, Seabridge Gold was required to evaluate and adopt an effective selenium treatment technology for the KSM Project. In 2015, Seabridge Gold successfully completed a pilot plant evaluation of a new process for the removal of selenium from waters in northwest BC. This plant was constructed and operated by independent BQE Water Inc., Inc. using their Selen-IX™ treatment technology. Selen-IX™ treatment technology was chosen for application at KSM because the physico-chemical, non-biological nature of Selen- IX™ precludes effluent toxicity.

The Selen-IX™ treatment technology has now been issued a US patent further validating Seabridge Gold’s chosen approach for selenium treatment at its KSM Project.

Click here to read the news release.

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Independent Geotechnical Review Board Reports

The Independent Geotechnical Review Board (IGRB) established to review the technical aspects of the investigations, designs, construction, operation and closure of the major geotechnical structures for the KSM Project regularly shares detailed reports of its findings with Seabridge Gold. Two such recent reports are available below:

  1. Report No. 2, November 2017
  2. Report No. 3, June 2018
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Seabridge Gold sends letters to the producers and funders of UPRIVERS documentary requesting suspension of documentary screenings until inaccurate statements about the KSM Project are corrected.

On June 11, Seabridge Gold sent letters to the producers and funders (Artchange Inc. Skeena Wild Conservation Trust, Salmon Beyond Border, Northern Confluence and Stand for Water) of the UPRIVERS documentary informing them that significant misleading and inaccurate information about the KSM Project is being presented in the documentary and requesting suspension of its screenings until the false statements are corrected.

Read the letter here

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Letter to the Editors to Correct Public Record about Inaccurate Information regarding KSM Project in UPRIVERS Documentary

Seabridge Gold’s Brent Murphy is writing letters to the editors of local newspapers in Alaska and British Columbia where the UPRIVERS documentary is been screened to correct the public record about misleading and inaccurate information regarding the KSM Project presented in the documentary.

One such letter, published in the Juneau Empire on June 8, can be viewed here.


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Seabridge corrects inaccurate statements regarding the KSM Project on the SkeenaWild website

On May 14, Seabridge Gold’s Brent Murphy, wrote a letter to SkeenaWild Conservation Trust to correct inaccurate statements about the KSM Project mentioned in the mining section of their website.

Read our letter here.

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Seabridge Gold 2017 Annual Report

Seabridge Gold recently published its 2017 Annual Report. In every annual report, the Company reviews the success of its programs for the year against previously announced goals and sets out its plans and objectives for the current year. This year’s report focuses on the Company’s sustainable development initiatives.  This is what we achieved:

  • Achieved new highs and made strong progress in the search for a Joint-Venture Partner for the KSM Project
  • Continued to engage with the community and First Nation groups
  • Iron Cap’s drill results significantly improved KSM Project’s economics
  • Exploration activities at the Iskut Project also confirmed promising gold deposits
  • Accomplished multiple reclamation activities at the Iskut Project

Read our 2017 Annual Report for more details.

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KSM Project: Tailings Management Facility Video

The KSM Project Tailing Management Facility (TMF) has been engineered to exceed the highest industry standards. It has been designed using ‘Best Available Tailings Technology’ (BATT) which focuses on both physical and geochemical stability and ensures the environment is protected. The TMF has been reviewed by an external Review Board and approved by the British Columbia and Canadian governments during the Environmental Assessment process.

Check out this interesting video to learn more about KSM Project’s Tailings Management Facility, how it works, why it will be safe and stable and what will happen to it after mine life.

Click here to watch the video

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Potential Reasons Behind Tailings Management Facility (TMF) Failures

Across the globe, there is much speculation about the potential of Tailings Management Facility (TMF) failures.  This paper provides an overview of the various reasons for failure.

Regarding KSM’s TMF, we regularly hear concerns about its size. Interestingly, this paper concludes that Tailings Dam size, whether volume or height, is not a significant factor in failures.  Click here to read the paper.

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Seabridge Gold Team Wins Industry Award for Sustainable Development Work at KSM

On December 7,  Seabridge Gold’s Environmental Team won the 2017 Robert R. Hedley Award presented annually by the Association for Mineral Exploration in BC to a member company for significant contributions or advances in environmental management and/or social responsibility.

The award specifically recognizes the contributions of Seabridge’s Brent Murphy, Vice President of Environmental Affairs, and Elizabeth Miller, Manager of Environmental Affairs, who are leading the Company’s sustainable development program for the KSM Project.

Read the Seabridge release

Read the AME release

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