Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Protection of the environment is a guiding principle behind the design of the KSM Project

Seabridge Gold has put the KSM Project through extensive environmental and technical evaluations by independent experts to ensure its operation will not cause harm to the surrounding environment including waterways and fish, and has worked closely with all stakeholders, including Alaskans, to ensure that their concerns were acknowledged and addressed throughout the environmental assessment review. 

Through the implementation of responsive design which prioritizes the protection of wildlife, fisheries, air, and water quality, Seabridge aims to minimize the environmental impacts and footprints of all our projects. We also strive to be exemplary leaders in environmental management. To learn more, read Seabridge Gold’s Environmental Policy

Seabridge follows rigorous environmental management plans that are tailored to the current stage of the KSM Project. The management plans incorporate federal and provincial legislative requirements, standards and best management practices, and have been developed by an environmental consultancy familiar with the jurisdiction where the KSM Project is located.

In 2017, The KSM Environmental team won the Robert R. Hedley Award from the Association of Mineral Exploration, which honours excellence in environmental and/or social responsibility.