Permits and Compliance Activities

Permits and Compliance Activities

The KSM Project received an environmental assessment certificate in 2014, however, to continue to advance the construction and exploration activities, we need to obtain a variety of other provincial, federal and local government statutory authorizations (e.g., permits, licenses, land use by-law approvals, etc.).  

Since acquiring the KSM Project, the Seabridge team has also worked hard to establish productive and respectful relationships with our stakeholders including:

Indigenous partners

The draft of all our permit applications is first shared with our indigenous partner’s including the Nisga’a Nation, Tahltan Nation, Gitxsan, Gitanyow, and Tseault Skii km Lax Ha for review and comment prior to submission to the government for review. We encourage their feedback and track their comments and our responses.


We prepare comprehensive permitting applications supported by thorough technical studies and analyses that address government requirements and provide timely responses to information requests from regulators. We also provide a comprehensive annual report to the Environmental Assessment Office in compliance with our EA Certificate.

Some of the regulatory milestones KSM has achieved to date because of committed and consistent engagement with Project stakeholders and Rights-holder include:

Drill program validated integration of East Mitchell Deposit into KSM mine plan

Agreement with BC Hydro to Supply Green, Low-Cost Construction Power to KSM Project

Released updated preliminary feasibility study

Released a Preliminary Economic Assessment Study for a potential copper-rich underground mine (Iron Cap and Kerr deposits)
Started undertaking early-stage construction activities to achieve substantially started status by July 29, 2026

BC EA certificate extended until July, 2026
Acquired East Mitchell (formerly Snowfield) deposit adjacent to KSM Project
Signed Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA) with Tahltan Nation

BC Environmental Assessment (EA) certificate extended until July, 2024

Identified four new porphyry targets
Addition of significant resources through Iron Cap exploration

Received the Robert R. Hedley award

Continued search for a partner with a major mining company
Updated preliminary feasibility study Best Available Technology (BAT) Review Obtained permits for Deep Kerr exploration Iskut Project, purchased sister project to KSM
Established Independent Geotechnical Review Board (IGRB)
Received federal and provincial environmental approval

Key construction permit issues for KSM Project

Signed Environmental Sustainability agreement with Gitanyow

Signed Benefits agreement with Nisga'a Nation
Gitxsan Nation expressed support for KSM Project
Prefeasibility Studies
Established community office in Smithers, BC

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