Interview with Darrian Mills, a Seabridge Camp Medic with G’Alexcee Safety Services

Meet Darrian Mills, a camp medic working for G’Alexcee Safety Services, an Indigenous business that we are proud to work with at our KSM Project. Darrian works at the KSM Camp in the medic office and mobile ETV.

What is your name and job title?

Darrian Mills, Medic

How long have you been working at the KSM Project?

I have been working at Seabridge since May 2021.

Can you explain what you do at the site?

I provide First Aid to workers on site.

What does working at KSM Project mean to you?

Working at KSM Project means that I play a role in the health and safety of the hard workers on the project. Continuously improving my skills and knowledge to further my career all while being on Indigenous land is very gratifying.

What is your favorite part of the KSM Camp/what do you enjoy most about your job?

My favorite part of the KSM camp is the location. It’s a beautiful place to work. [Also] the people, a lot of Indigenous people work at the KSM Project. Lastly, the presence of women in the workplace. I enjoy that my job allows me to make connections with all of these people, especially my supervisors that I’ve learned a lot from.

What are the benefits of the KSM Project/how will it benefit the local communities?

Plenty of job opportunities, a workplace that helps you grow and gain experience.

How do you spend time at the camp when you are not working?

I jog when I can. Also, I’ve taken a liking to cribbage.

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