KSM Environmental Assessment Application Referred to Provincial Ministers for Decision

On Friday, June 20, 2014, the BC Environmental Assessment Office referred Seabridge Gold’s Environmental Assessment application for its KSM Project to the BC Minister of Energy and Mines and the BC Minister of Environment for a decision.  Ministers have up to August 4, 2014 (45 days) to:

  • issue an Environmental Assessment Certificate,
  • decline to issue an Environmental Assessment Certificate, or
  • order that further assessment be conducted.

This referral is the culmination of more than six and a half years of work and effort from an extended group of people including Seabridge staff and consultants, Treaty and First Nations, provincial and federal government, US and State of Alaska regulators, and community members.  We are appreciative of each person’s contribution to ensuring a thorough and comprehensive Environmental Assessment process.

We are particularly grateful to our team of consultants.  Since acquiring KSM, Seabridge has used more than 20 of the leading environmental and engineering consulting firms whose dedication and tireless work have helped make KSM the world-class project it is.

Seabridge expects a federal decision this fall.

The 33,000-page KSM Environmental Assessment application.