Early-Stage Construction Activities

Early-Stage Construction Activities

In 2021, Seabridge Gold started early-stage construction activities such as building roads, camps, a fish compensation site, a power and switching station, power line clearing, and advancing technical and environmental monitoring programs.

The early-stage construction activities will allow Seabridge to obtain most of the critical data required to meet the conditions of the KSM Environmental Assessment certificate and to complete the Bankable Feasibility Study required before a future construction decision for the KSM Project can be made.

Undertaking these programs is a positive development for the KSM because it means the project is progressing with a phased development approach and also strengthens Seabridge’s position in securing a joint venture partnership with a reputable global mining company capable of responsibly financing, constructing, and operating the Project.

Advancing the early-stage construction activities has also started to benefit the local communities and Indigenous partners, as Seabridge is committed to hiring people from local communities and giving priority to qualified local, regional, and Indigenous contractors. By the end of 2023, Seabridge Gold’s investment in early-stage construction activities will reach $444 million, of which more than $245 million was committed for Indigenous-affiliated businesses. The early-stage construction activities also led to the creation of 317 and 235 direct onsite jobs in 2022 and 2023 respectively. 

Undertaking early-stage construction will also enable Seabridge to begin the development of processes to administer the Benefits Agreement with both the Nisga’a and Tahltan Nations, as the company is working closely with these Nations’ economic development corporations on contracting and employment to conduct early-stage construction activities.

The early-stage construction will also allow Seabridge to continue the necessary technical studies needed to validate plans and be well-prepared in advance of a future project construction decision.

2023 Early-Stage Construction Activities Include:


Completed the construction of the Bell-Irving River Bridge which improved Safety & Logistics


Completed the construction of Glacier Creek Fish Habitat Compensation Site to create a aquatic and riparian habitat for Dolly Varden


Completed 3 km of the Coulter Creek Access Road to improve safety and logistics; New departure point for KSM Mining for logistics flow into Mitchell Valley


Construction of Treaty Creek Road to improve safety & logistics; Completed 17 km of the 33 km direct access road from Highway 37 to the Treaty Plant Site


Completed the construction of Camp 11 to support work on the Treaty Creek Access Road

20220616_Camp 9 (4)

Completed the construction of Camp 9 pad that that will provide accommodation for future feasibility studies and support early-stage construction activities


Ongoing earthworks for BC Hydro Treaty Creek Terminal to connect KSM Project to BC Hydro’s existing Northwest Transmission Line providing green power to the Project


Vegetation clearing and Geotech drilling are underway for the construction of a 30 km long 287 kV transmission line to interconnect the Treaty Creek Terminal and the KSM Plant Site

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Environmental monitoring of construction works to identify and mitigate potential environmental impacts