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KSM Executive Summary

KSM Project’s Tailings Management Facility

Did you Know?

  • The average home in North America contains more than 400 pounds of copper – mostly in the wiring and pipes that keep the power on and the water flowing
  • Cellphones contain more than 39 different metals and minerals, including gold, silver and copper
  • Many things we rely on daily – at home, work and play – contain minerals and metals from a mine

Proven and probable mineral reserves at KSM:

  • 38.8 million ounces of gold
  • 183 million ounces of silver
  • 10.2 billion pounds of copper
  • 207 million pounds of molybdenum

The KSM Project has successfuly completed a joint harmonized environmental assessment review as outlined by the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Act and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. In February, 2013, Seabridge submitted its EA/EIS Application to the provincial and federal regulatory authorities and the Application was accepted into the formal review process in June after meeting the requirements of the screening process.

On July 30, 2014, the Government of British Columbia approved KSM’s Environmental Assessment (EA) Application. On December 19, 2014, the Government of Canada issued its approval of KSM’s EA Application.

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