We have designed the proposed KSM mine to be socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

Social Sustainability: KSM Mining wants to ensure KSM contributes positively to local communities by providing well-paid, permanent jobs, access to education and support for other services, including health care, roads and access to reliable power. We already employ many indigenous and non-indigenous men and women from local communities near KSM. We also contribute to education and training programs in the region.

Economic Sustainability: Mining can play an important role in supporting economic development within regions of the province where opportunities have been scarce in the past. Mining’s many requirements for goods and services stimulate the creation of new local businesses and strengthen existing local industry. Wherever possible, we use suppliers and service providers from northwest British Columbia.

Environmental Sustainability: KSM Mining is committed to upholding the highest environmental standards in its mine designs – through project construction, operation and closure. The KSM mine design incorporates detailed plans for how the mine will be reclaimed and monitored at the end of its operating life.

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