Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Seabridge is committed to establishing, building, and sustaining long-term relationships with local communities.

We believe it is important that people living in the Project area or impacted by the Project are engaged and have a good understanding of KSM and what it means for northwest British Columbia. We proactively engage with local communities with the intention to build lasting relationships based on cultural respect, inclusiveness, diversity, and broad participation in the opportunities and benefits arising from our activities and projects. The strong relationships we have built with local communities have resulted in their support for the Project and recognition of Seabridge as industry leader in environmental planning and stakeholder engagement and transparency.

We actively seek feedback and consult local communities near the Project to ensure meaningful engagement and involvement:

  • Opened community office in Smithers for people interested in learning more about the Project
  • More than 15,000 people from British Columbia and Alaska have participated in public meetings, consultations, and project information sessions for KSM prior to the proposal being approved by regulators
  • Attend community workshops and meetings to listen and address Project-related concerns
  • Conducting site tours and hosted public forums in the local communities to share timely information about the KSM Project
  • Made $300M in design changes to KSM Project after listening to Indigenous and community interests/concerns.
  • Received letters from Mayors and Councils of Smithers and Terrace supporting the Project.
  • Publish and share the annual newsletter with the residents of northwestern BC 

In 2017, Seabridge Gold’s efforts to sustainably advance the KSM Project was recognized by the mineral exploration industry. The KSM Environmental team won the Robert R. Hedley Award from the Association of Mineral Exploration, which honours excellence in environmental and/or social responsibility.