KSM (Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell)

A Responsibly Designed Gold-Copper Project with Regulatory and Social Acceptance

Seabridge Gold’s Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell (KSM) Project is a proposed gold, copper, silver and molybdenum mine with the Environmental Assessment approved mine life of 50+ years.

The KSM Project is located 65km northwest of Stewart, in the mineral-rich area, commonly referred to as the Golden Triangle of British Columbia. The approved Project will bring significant economic benefits and create multi-generation job opportunities for northwest BC. Seabridge Gold has also taken great care to consider social, economic, and environmental sustainability while advancing the Project.

The KSM Project has successfully completed a joint harmonized environmental assessment review as outlined by the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Act, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and the Nisga’a Final Agreement.

Seabridge Gold acquired a 100% stake in KSM Project in 2001 and since then has spent more than $997 million in exploration, engineering and environmental work to move the KSM Project toward development. 

KSM Mining ULC, a subsidiary of Seabridge Gold Inc., is the holder of the KSM Project. 

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