Addressing Misleading Portrayal of KSM Project as Operating Mine and the Location of the Tailings Management Facility in a Video by SalmonState

Seabridge Gold’s Brent Murphy sent a letter to Tim Bristol Executive Director, SalmonState, addressing inaccuracies presented in the video titled ‘No One’s Wasteland which SalmonState promoted on your social media channels.

In the video, it is falsely asserted that tailings from Canadian mining companies are impacting the Taku, Unuk, and Stikine rivers and negatively affecting downstream communities in Alaska. One of the examples used to support this claim is the KSM Project, which is referred to as the “KSM Mine” creating the impression that it is an operational mine. However, this characterization is far from accurate. KSM is not a functioning mine and is still in its developmental stages.

Furthermore, the video implies that a KSM Project Tailings Management Facility (TMF) is situated on the Unuk River and adversely affects the water quality and the salmon population, which is inaccurate for two reasons – First, the KSM TMF has yet to be constructed. Second, when it is built, it will be located in the upper reaches of the Bell Irving River Basin and will drain into Canadian waters, not the Unuk River, or any other US waterway.

Given the seriousness of these inaccurate claims, Brent requests Tim to either immediately remove the video or make the necessary edits to accurately reflect the current status of the KSM Project and the location of TMF.

You can read the letter here.