Mitchell Treaty Tunnel Permits

KSM Mining ULC, subsidiary of Seabridge Gold, holds a permit License SK904033 which authorizes a tunnel right-of-way extending 23 km from the Mitchell Valley to the proposed KSM Tailings Management Facility (TMF) location. Associated with the permit is a management plan that addresses how Seabridge Gold will deal with the rocks excavated from ground along the tunnel alignment, whose mineral rights are held by parties other than Seabridge Gold.

Seabridge Gold also holds permits to initiate construction at:

  • Tunnel portals and the first 100 metres of tunnel (i.e. up to the first cross cut) within the Mitchell Valley
  • Proposed Process Plant site within South Teigen and North Treaty creeks valley, on ground with the mineral rights owned by Seabridge Gold
  • The proposed Saddle location, situated approximately 22 km upstream along Treaty Creek, on ground whose mineral rights are held by  parties other than Seabridge Gold

Details of permits and management plan can be found here: