On What Type of Ground Will the KSM Tailings Management Facility Sit?

Seabridge Gold recognizes many British Columbians and Alaskans are discussing tailings dams right now. We want to clarify a few facts about our proposed tailing management facility (TMF) and to reassure our stakeholders and Treaty and First Nations partners the KSM design is safe.

Between 2008 and 2011 to fully test the foundation soils, we completed 58 drill holes into the proposed tailings dam foundation areas. All drill holes terminated in bedrock; the foundations of the till core for the tailings dams are either directly situated on bedrock, or excavated down to low permeability foundation material situated atop bedrock.  These are strong materials on which foundations can be safely built.

As part of its design, the proposed KSM TMF is situated in a confining valley that drains to Canadian waters.  More information about the TMF and its foundation conditions can be found in the Environmental Assessment in Appendix 4AC.

There is no clay (lacustrine clay substrates) under our proposed TMF.  Our Environmental Assessment does, in Appendix 4J, refer to a lacustrine clay deposit.  This deposit was found through drilling and is located three kilometers away from the water storage dam (WSD).  The proposed WSD foundation area is also placed on bedrock and there is no clay in the WSD area.

Seabridge designed the entire KSM project, including its TMF, with protection of downstream waters, including transboundary waters, as a guiding principle.  We are committed to open and honest communication with our stakeholders and partners, and as always, we are available to answer your questions at our local Smithers office. Please call us at 1.250.847.4704 or email us at ksm_community@seabridgegold.net. Additionally, the project website, www.ksmproject.com, contains much factual information about the KSM Project.