Seabridge Gold Responds to Incomplete/Misleading Information About the KSM Project an an Article in Outdoor Life Magazine

Seabridge Gold’s Brent Murphy wrote a letter to Alex Robinson, Editor in Chief, Outdoor Life Magazine highlight incomplete/misleading information about Seabridge Gold’s KSM Project that was published in the article titled ‘British Columbia’s Mega Mine Gold Rush Threatens Wilderness, Salmon, and the Outdoor Lifestyle in Southeast Alaska’ by Bjorn Dihle.

To raise and support alleged concerns about the historic and future mining activities on the BC side of the Unuk River, in the article Mr. Dihle used examples of BC-based mining and exploration projects, including the KSM Project. However, we believe Mr. Dihle intentionally left out critical facts about the KSM Project, specifically related to the provincial and federal EA approvals, our responsible project design, and our engagement with Alaskan regulators, tribes and local communities with the intent to harm Seabridge Gold and the KSM Project’s reputation.

Seabridge believes in free speech and the right for individuals to openly share their opinions. However, we also think by purposefully sharing incomplete information in the article, the readers of Outdoor Life Magazine are involuntarily being persuaded to draw invalid and unsubstantiated conclusions about the KSM Project.

You can read the letter here

To learn more about the KSM Project, read the Comprehensive Study Report