Seabridge Gold responds to misleading information about the KSM Project published in The Narwhal

Seabridge Gold’s Brent Murphy wrote a letter to Emma Gilchrist, Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director of The Narwhal highlighting the misleading information about the KSM Project published in the article titled ‘B.C. voters support mining reforms that protect the environment, make polluter pay: poll’, written by Matt Simmons, Northwest B.C. Reporter.

In the article, Mr. Simmons quoted Nikki Skuce where she used Seabridge Gold’s KSM Project’s example to support her claim that B.C.’s mining laws support projects even if they are located near important watersheds. However, he failed to mention that the proposed KSM Project successfully completed a rigorous independent joint harmonized BC-CANADA Environmental Assessment over a seven-year period (2007-2104) as mandated by the BC Environmental Assessment Act and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (1992) respectively.

He also failed to mention the substantial public support Seabridge has gathered for the KSM Project by conducting hundreds of meetings with community members, regulators, Treaty and First Nations. Seabridge also voluntarily conducted over 130 meetings/interactions with Alaskan community members, regulators and Tribes during the EA process. As a result of these meetings and feedback from all participants, Seabridge made $300 million dollars in design changes to the project’s capital cost

Read the letter here