Seabridge Gold responds to misleading information about the KSM Project published in The Narwhal

Seabridge Gold’s Brent Murphy wrote a letter to Francesca Fionda, Mining Reporter at the Narwhal, addressing the inaccuracies and misleading information about Seabridge Gold’s KSM Project published in the article titled “These are 11 of B.C.’s most ‘polluting and risky’ mines.” In the letter, Brent highlighted that the use of information from “Dirty Dozen 2023: B.C.’s top polluting and risky mines” report and a quote from Guy Archibald, Executive Director of the Southeast Alaska Indigenous Transboundary Commission, has resulted in misinformation about the KSM Project. Brent kindly requested that Francesca rectify the published misinformation and in future reach out to Seabridge for accurate facts before publishing information about the KSM Project.

 You can read the letter here