Seabridge responds to inaccurate statements in the media regarding KSM, September 3, 2015

On September 28, 2015, Seabridge Gold’s Brent Murphy responded to inaccurate statements in DeSmog Canada’s article titled “The Trouble With Tailings: Toxic Waste ‘Time Bombs’ Loom Large Over Alaska’s Salmon Rivers” in which Seabridge and our KSM Project are mentioned.”

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Read a letter written to BC Minister of Energy and Mines, the Honourable Bill Bennett from Dirk van Zyl (engineer and one of the Mount Polley report authors) clarifying that dry stack tailings is not the only best available technology for managing tailings. 

Project Design Map.

View existing conditions at the KSM site:

Confluence of Mitchell and Sulphurets Creek.

Copper Staining at the Mitchell Deposit.

Gingras Mitchell Sulphurets.

Mitchell Deposit.

Seep Water Near the Mitchell Glacier Toe.

Sulphurets Creek Entering the Unuk River.