Seabridge Sends Letter to the Alaskan House Fisheries Special Committee to Address Inaccuracies shared by the Presenters

During the House Fisheries Special Committee hearing on April 28, 2021, several issues related to British Columbia-Alaska transboundary mining and exploration were raised by select presenters, which were either misleading or inaccurate. Seabridge Gold’s Brent Murphy wrote letters to the House Fisheries Special Committee to share factual and pertinent information to address these inaccuracies.

In the letter, he also highlighted the legislative and regulatory changes that were made to BC mining laws since the Mount Polley incident, the importance of inviting mining and exploration companies operating in the transboundary region on any discussions around the transboundary water monitoring programs, water quality monitoring program Seabridge is conducting and the voluntary environmental remediation work Seabridge is conducting at the Johnny Mountain Mine.

Read the letter here